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Recognising the increasing challenges that our clients face, we are proud of the work that our engineers do to bring the latest technological advances to our cabling, heating and temperature measurement solutions. 


Our clients work across the globe in some of the most challenging environments there are and here are a few examples of Solutions we have provided which provide greater stability and more accurate readings.


When it comes to a hydrocracker or hydrotreater unit, our range of specialist multi-point assemblies enable a full 3D temperature profile to be carried out.  We’re also able to offer a unique supply chain solution using our AeroPak mineral insulated cable and laser-welded systems.


An area of particular concern for fluid catalytic cracking units is the harsh operating conditions that they need to work in.  This where our advanced temperature measurement solutions are highly effective.  Clients can choose either our dip-leg or catalyst cooling measurement solutions.  For highly abrasive process conditions, we also have specially coated thermowells that have the ability to operate in such environments.


For the actual catalytic process, we’re fully aware of space being limited, consequently we’ve developed a range of miniature specialist temperature assemblies using our AeroPak mineral insulated cable.  This includes the AeroMini, with an OD of 3mm, it has multiple individual measuring points found on its length.


Other locations where extreme temperatures are also a major factor for consideration include sulphur recovery units.  These are widely recognised for having a harsh process temperature. Our products are frequently chosen due to their ability to ensure the safe and efficient operation of these units.  Storage tanks are certainly another area where there’s great demand for temperature assemblies. 


Cryogenic applications such as LNG storage require an extremely high level of accuracy, and over the years we’ve worked hard to develop the design of our temperature assemblies to meet these demands.  We’re able to supply our RTD or thermocouple assemblies with extended lengths using our patented AeroPak mineral insulated cable.


If you’d like to discuss any of the above or learn about other products contact the team on 029 2081 4333 or sales@okazaki-mfg.co.uk.

Cables – Okazaki Leading the Way

MI Cables

Cables – Okazaki Leading the Way

In our last article we talked about how our cable is integral to everything we do at Okazaki. Specialising in four key industry sectors, in this piece we look at the importance of cables in the Semi-Conductor sector, in addition to the Synchrotron and Lightsource industry. Both require expert levels of accuracy and reliability in order for processes to run smoothly and successfully. Which is why we’ve spent years developing our products and solutions in line with the latest technological advances; bringing you solutions that meet the challenges of your business.

The Semi-Conductor industry is all about solutions that are small, fast and accurate. So it’s vital that our cables meet your extreme demands in high technology applications. In addition to our extensive range of cables, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. So we’re also committed to supporting you with our bespoke engineered products too. So you’ll be able to choose from a range of insulating material including MgO and Si02. We also produce our cables in a wide range of sheath diameter and materials to meet your individual needs.

A further key use of our cables is in the Synchrotron and Lightsource industry. Using cutting-edge technology, our mineral insulated cables are essential in this demanding industry sector. In fact, our semi-rigid metal sheath cables are leaders in the market. We understand these challenges you face in finding solutions that meet extreme temperature ranges and extreme levels of accuracy. So you can be guaranteed that our highly trained engineers will develop our cables to meet your specific configurations successfully.

Certainly we’re very proud of the variety of cables that we offer here at Okazaki. You can be guaranteed that we’ll provide you with the particular style you need. Our specialist cables include multi-conductor transmission cables for power, control and instrumentation resistance cables, RF coaxial cables plus thermocouple cables. If you’ve got a requirement for cabling within your organisation, whether it’s one of our off-the-shelf products, or a bespoke design, we’re happy to help.



Cables - At the Core of Everything We Do


Cables - At the Core of Everything We Do

When it comes to cables, we’ve always been pioneers. We were actually the first to manufacture mineral insulated cable to improve product performance and reliability. Our commitment has always been to deliver excellent products. And in fact we’ve echoed that by refining and improving the technology used to develop all of our cable products, regardless of the industry that will be using the cables. Our cables have always been at the centre of everything we do.

We work hard to support many industry sectors including Aerospace, Photo-Voltaics, Semi-Conductor and Synchrotron and Lightsource. All of these sectors have a requirement for the highest quality products and excellent level of reliability. We know from experience that cable is used for extreme environments, so it’s vital that it’s able to operate in hazardous environments – often up to 1260°C plus other atmospheres such as oxidising, reducing, neutral and vacuum.

In the Aerospace industry, there are many different types of applications that will use our cables. These could include commercial or military aircraft and helicopters, domestic rockets and satellites or gas turbine engines. In particular, our twisted core cable is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to also have twisted pair conductors that are able to remove electric background noise.

Equally, our mineral insulated cable was used to measure turbine blade path temperature in a jet engine. Ensuring that the engine could run hotter and quieter; improving environmental performance and noise pollution.

For the Photo-voltaics industry, this is a sector that’s certainly seen lots of changes in connection with the latest technological advances. In the solar manufacturing process, we understand the importance of careful analysis and warning of process and product temperatures. So you can be reassured that we deliver cables that meet the highest level of accuracy.

In our next article we’ll have a look at two other key industry areas that we work hard to supply.



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