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Fan Type Thermocouple - Accuracy and Performance

Fan Type Thermocouple


At Okazaki, we’ve built our reputation on delivering solutions that meet the ever-growing needs of our valued clients. 

And in over 60 years, we’ve continued to develop our solutions using the latest technology.  We know that accuracy and safety are at the top of your agenda which is why, particularly in the case of our Fan Type thermocouples, they’re unique in offering higher reliability than that of competing thermocouples on the market.


The Fan Type has been designed to deliver maximum results for process fired heaters.  We know that failure in your facilities can have a critical effect.  And owing to the exact accuracy required, our thermocouple was designed to deliver meticulous accuracy and reliable temperature measurement capability. 


By installing the Fan Type you’ll also benefit from lower installation costs as the Fan Type removes the need for costly installation engineers.  Its unique design combined with mineral insulated cable also means that you’ll benefit from quality results such as higher levels of accuracy, a reduction of process variability and long life potential – the Fan Type is guaranteed for four years plus.


The clever design of the Fan Type means that it’s the optimum size for attachment to the pipe.  Also, it’s not too large to act as a fin and draw radiant heat into the measuring point; increasing the tube measurement temperature.  Plus there will also be a significant reduction in any heat sink effects and metal dustings in the pipe.


The Fan Type is suitable for an extensive range of heating equipment.  So regardless of whether it’s gas-fired, light fuel or heavy fuel oil burning heaters, you’ll be able to choose a standard Hastelloy-X sheath that meets the individual needs of your requirements.


We also know that when your heater is up and running, the tubes in the furnace have the ability to move and expand between 50 and 350 metres.  Which is why the Fan Type is a far more reliable solution.  It can be adapted easily – both bent and coiled, forming expansion coils.  So you’re able to benefit from compensatory movement in both horizontal and vertical axes.


And not forgetting the safety side, our Fan Type thermocouple meets stringent international approvals.  Plus you can also remain safe in the knowledge that they’re fully certified for use in hazardous environments. 


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