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We all know the environmental pressures faced in many industries around the world, and none more so than in the Automotive industry. At Okazaki we pride ourselves in manufacturing products, such as cables and temperature sensors, which strive to make the Automotive manufacturing process as clean as possible.

Our Mineral Insulated cables and sensors are used to measure exhaust gas temperatures and also contribute towards the temperature management of catalytic converters.

With a demand for performance, safety, efficiency and clean emissions within the automotive industry, our temperature control products are designed to contribute to the safe and reliable production of automotives in an environmentally friendly manner.

Technology is always advancing and at Okazaki our engineers are constantly researching and testing the latest materials and technologies to ensure our clients receive products that are leading the way as we strive to manufacture temperature sensors that improve passenger comfort, engine efficiency and performance.

These cables and sensors have been used in automotive applications for decades with a proven robust quality record in the field.

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