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About Okazaki

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About Okazaki

Okazaki is the world’s leading manufacturer of mineral insulated cables, with expertise in the use of these cables in the production of temperature sensors, electric heaters and signal transmission cables.

The company supplies products and services used in applications as diverse as nuclear power plants and turbine manufacture, through to brain surgery. Our products are used by both NASA on the Mars Curiosity Rover and also JAXA transportation rockets.

Okazaki currently has factories in Japan, USA and Taiwan, with over 600 employees worldwide. Sales Support Offices are positioned also in the UK to support our European clients.


Okazaki Manufacturing Company was established in 1954 by Mr K Okazaki in Kobe Japan, we are proud of our heritage and history and over the past 60 years our family run company has maintained its personal contact approach to work closely with customers to form long-term supply partnerships.

Throughout our history we have made a significant commitment to research and development with typically around 10% of annual sales invested in research and development, and engineering. This has enabled our company to always offer innovation and the latest technologies in product design and manufacturing processes.


At Okazaki, our focus is working in partnership with our clients to solve their problems as we fully understand one size does not fit all. Through the use of our fully trained engineers and cutting-edge technologies we develop the correct product configuration and design to fit each specific application.


An Introduction to our Facilities

Main Factory

An Introduction to our Facilities

We focus on solving our clients’ temperature-related challenges within their businesses.  We know that you need to meet the highest of standards when it comes to adhering to safety measures and reliability of service.  We also know that operating in extreme temperatures, accuracy of our products is absolutely key.  So this is why we ensure that our production and testing facilities meet the stringent needs of all of our clients across the globe.  Having spent over 60 years developing our solutions, we make sure we bring you the latest technological developments from all of our sites.

Our main manufacturing facility is found in Kobe, originally established in 2012.  Responsible for the design and manufacture of temperature sensors, the extensive factory is where we bring thermocouples, resistance thermometers and thermowells to life in general industries including electronics, environment and nuclear energy.  The Kobe site also benefits from a JCSS thermometer calibration laboratory which can create bespoke products as required.

Back in 1980, ARi Industries joined the Okazaki Group.  Set up in 1952, this facility in the US was actually one of the first to incorporate mineral insulated technology – used to improve products for our clients’ performance and reliability.

Our Fukuoka factory manufactures and supplies mass production temperature sensors.  With 6,506m²of space, the factory is also the location for compensating and various types of lead wires, seat heaters and mat heaters for stock-breeding of animals.

We have a further site in Taiwan.  Built back in 1987, this site is responsible for the World’s largest production of thermocouple and conductor mineral insulated cables.  OMC Taiwan is responsible for supplying temperature sensors and related products to our other international group of companies in addition to our other customers across the globe.

In 2002, our Kobe-Nishi factory opened; home of our Maintenance and Development divisions.  With some of the latest state of the art production and installation facilities, we also have dedicated clean rooms that are used for the assembly and manufacture of our highly advanced sensors and products – widely used in the aerospace industry.

The  Kyusu factory was built back in 2008 specifically to produce mineral insulated cables.  In fact it actually boasts the largest production scale of cables in the World.  Benefitting from the most sophisticated equipment. Kyusu is widely known for producing high quality cables for our domestic and international facilities plus overseas sensor makers.

We completed the new main manufacturing building at Kobe Iwaoka in October 2017 to meet the growing global demand for MI cable and Electric Heaters. We serve a wide variety of customer needs based on advanced technology and our commitment to the quality control supported by an extensive engineering and manufacturing background.



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