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Okazaki’s MICROPAK mineral insulated heaters are ultra-small diameter heaters which offer greater flexibility in the application’s installation. With a small bend radius as a ratio to the outside diameter of the heater, these units can be coiled and freely formed into complex and desired shapes, offering flexibility when space is paramount.

The MICROPAK range of heaters can be used in a varied range of applications and have recently been used in fuel cell, vacuum application and analytical instrumentation devices. With a variable choice of diameters, lengths, materials and terminations, an operating range of -200 to 500°C can be achieved.

Designs can be tailor-made to suit specific applications including conductor coil configuration in Model MP11 to provide different outputs at specific points of the heater.

MICROPAK has the same diameter hot and cold sections with no external join to help remove mechanical joint failure and is suitable for installation into Vacuum sealing flanges.

Applications include but are not limited to:

- Ion Plating
- Trace Heating & Bake Out
- Patterning
- Ion Source – Vaporiser
- Removing – Doping
- Valve Heater

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