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Okazaki manufactures products for all types of power generation facilities, from large power plants through to decentralised systems. We are able to provide temperature and pressure measuring units, cabling and heaters for many applications across the Power Generation industry such as Coal, Gas, nuclear and hdyro power, gas turbine plants and thermal power stations to mention a few. We also offer supply contracts with turbine manufacturers on a global scale.

With Power Generation being such a diverse industry it is vital that our products meet our clients demands across the board. Whether it is an off the shelf product or a bespoke component designed for a specific purpose you can be assured that all of our products are accurate, consistent and are manufactured to the highest safety standards to enable their use in the most demanding applications.

Temperature measurement is one of the most common parameters used for monitoring and controlling Power Generation operations, so the accuracy and reliability of our products means that for over 60 years we continue to be the chosen supplier for energy plants around the world.

Maximum safety is required in Power Generation plants and our products are manufactured and tested to withstand the harshest of environments. For example, we have thermocouples and RTDs that are strong enough to endure the severe radiation of nuclear power plants.

As well as contributing to the safety of power plants worldwide, our products also optimise operational efficiency by allowing plants to operate at higher temperatures.

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