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Innovation not Imitation


Recognising the increasing challenges that our clients face, we are proud of the work that our engineers do to bring the latest technological advances to our cabling, heating and temperature measurement solutions. 


Our clients work across the globe in some of the most challenging environments there are and here are a few examples of Solutions we have provided which provide greater stability and more accurate readings.


When it comes to a hydrocracker or hydrotreater unit, our range of specialist multi-point assemblies enable a full 3D temperature profile to be carried out.  We’re also able to offer a unique supply chain solution using our AeroPak mineral insulated cable and laser-welded systems.


An area of particular concern for fluid catalytic cracking units is the harsh operating conditions that they need to work in.  This where our advanced temperature measurement solutions are highly effective.  Clients can choose either our dip-leg or catalyst cooling measurement solutions.  For highly abrasive process conditions, we also have specially coated thermowells that have the ability to operate in such environments.


For the actual catalytic process, we’re fully aware of space being limited, consequently we’ve developed a range of miniature specialist temperature assemblies using our AeroPak mineral insulated cable.  This includes the AeroMini, with an OD of 3mm, it has multiple individual measuring points found on its length.


Other locations where extreme temperatures are also a major factor for consideration include sulphur recovery units.  These are widely recognised for having a harsh process temperature. Our products are frequently chosen due to their ability to ensure the safe and efficient operation of these units.  Storage tanks are certainly another area where there’s great demand for temperature assemblies. 


Cryogenic applications such as LNG storage require an extremely high level of accuracy, and over the years we’ve worked hard to develop the design of our temperature assemblies to meet these demands.  We’re able to supply our RTD or thermocouple assemblies with extended lengths using our patented AeroPak mineral insulated cable.


If you’d like to discuss any of the above or learn about other products contact the team on 029 2081 4333 or sales@okazaki-mfg.co.uk.

Product Reliability for over 60 years


In over 60 years of operation, our family run company has remained committed to delivering superior levels of technical expertise to all of our valued clients throughout the world.  


It’s the reason we’ve always spent considerable amounts of time and investment in this area.  In fact, typically around 10% of our annual sales is invested into research, development and engineering.  We’re particularly proud of our personal contact approach; working closely with our worldwide customers in order to forge long-term relationships and partnerships with our valued clients.


We never underestimate the importance of keeping your processes running at all times.  We know that time equals money.  Certainly maximising reliability is one of the most vital criteria for us when it comes to all of our products.  We’ve always been committed to driving innovation through the use of the latest technologies in all of our solutions.


We never forget that our products may be fully integrated into your equipment and processes, so you can be assured that we recognise the importance of supplying you with products that are highly efficient.  World-class quality is our benchmark – anything less is simply not good enough.  Not only that, but we also make sure that we maintain those high levels of reliability too.  For this reason, we make sure that every single component that goes in to the makeup and build of our finished products is of the highest quality.  Whether that’s the most basic raw materials – right through to the finished end product, you can be reassured of our commitment to excellence.  We know that only the best will do to keep your organisation constantly running and meeting your particular requirements – regardless of how challenging.


An example of this would be our high temperature plate heaters.  If you’re a semi-conductor manufacturer, you need the reassurance of superior performance and uniform surface temperature.  We only manufacture and assemble our products at our own state of the art facilities.  These include the integration of our own mineral insulated heaters and thermocouples.  This means that we’re able to control product quality; so that you’re guaranteed of a particular level of reliability.  And so much so, that all of our units are supplied fully tested to ensure surface uniformity within 1% - while being operated at temperatures up to 1000°C.


When it comes to our cables, we know how important it is that you choose a supplier that’s committed to ensuring that their products are entirely reliable.  We’re particularly proud of our coaxial cables; benefiting from excellent radiation and temperature-resistance.  You need cables that have high frequency capability with less deterioration rate and we make sure that our cables deliver that reassurance and ability.  It’s one of the many reasons that makes us the first choice in vacuum applications for organisations across the globe.



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