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For over 60 years we have supported some of the most technically advanced industries in some of the most hazardous environments on (and off) the planet. And as we move forward into a more sustainable future we are here to support the growth of these sectors, which include Hydrogen And Fuel Cells as well as other Green Fuels as they get develop and grow to become the new norm.

What do we do at Okazaki?

We design and manufacture Mineral Insulated (MI) Cable and we are a market leader in Temperature Sensing Products, Electric Heaters and Signal Cable. Our MI Cable ranges from 0.08mm to 26mm and has a temperature range of 1.5k to 2200°C.

Our engineers are constantly researching new materials and developing new technologies to enable applications to run more consistently over longer periods of time and with exacting accuracy. This is especially the case now as the world looks for more and more sustainable technologies to enable a greener future.

One of the sectors we are concentrating on at the moment is Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, and how we can help enable this technology going forward using our expertise is Temperature related products.

Here are a few examples of products we have available:

  • Level Sensors: to measure the level of liquid hydrogen and various other liquids.
  • Resistance Thermometers: for liquid hydrogen measurement (Pt1000, PtCo100) which can include explosion proof versions, and also supplied with a transmitter.
  • Hydrogen Dispenser to vehicles (high pressure dispenser from liquid to gas).
  • Ultra-Fine In-Line Thermocouples: these have been developed to measure the electrolyte membrane temperature within H2 and H2O Fuel Cell Systems.
  • Nail Penetration Test Thermocouple: measures the true temperature of internal short circuit of a cell/pack during a nail penetration test.
  • Cryogenic Assemblies.
  • Sheath Material containing more Ni is available to prevent hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Hoskins 2300® MI Cable which has been proven to be more accurate and stable at high temperatures compared to other sheath materials.


At Okazaki we are fully committed to our quality management processes to ensure our products match our exacting standards. We also ensure our products and services are backed by recognized international quality standards. Some of these include ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and JCSS0079

Within our manufacturing processes we have extensive calibration capabilities and can guarantee traceability and quality control for our products from raw materials through to the finished product.



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