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Solutions for the refining and process industry


Refining and processing plants across the globe certainly make up some of the most challenging industries in the market.  


It’s an area of business that we at Okazaki have focused our extensive range of world-class temperature measurement and heating assemblies; in order to meet their constant demand.  The refining and process industry has extreme requirements in terms of safety and ability to monitor extreme temperature ranges.


Process pipelines used to transmit and distribute gas are seen as the safest ways to transport gas, and require temperature assemblies that monitor the process temperatures and properties involved effectively.  Which is why our range of solutions is ideal to suit their specific requirements.  Our technically advanced RTDs and thermocouple assemblies offer much higher accuracy and reliability than other competing thermocouples.  Meanwhile our Vortexwell thermowell is a cost-effective solution that is highly popular thanks to its innovative helical strake design and the fact that it doesn’t require a velocity collar – particularly useful for high flow rate applications.


As part of our commitment to delivering excellent solutions for our clients, one of the key services that we at Okazaki also offer is our comprehensive range of on-site facilities.  Through our expert knowledge and expertise, we’re able to deliver supervision of TMT thermocouple and multi-point thermocouple installation.  In addition, in order to ensure that the correct product is specified, we also carry out a pre-order on-site survey to ensure that there are no discrepancies.


Okazaki is widely recognised across the globe for being an industry-leader when it comes to process heaters.  Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, they’re highly flexible, benefit from long life and offer many other benefits relating to efficiency.  Our Fan Type and AerOpad thermocouples prove themselves to be an excellent choice for clients looking for higher accuracy and trouble-free reliability.



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