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Cables – Okazaki Leading the Way

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Cables – Okazaki Leading the Way

In our last article we talked about how our cable is integral to everything we do at Okazaki. Specialising in four key industry sectors, in this piece we look at the importance of cables in the Semi-Conductor sector, in addition to the Synchrotron and Lightsource industry. Both require expert levels of accuracy and reliability in order for processes to run smoothly and successfully. Which is why we’ve spent years developing our products and solutions in line with the latest technological advances; bringing you solutions that meet the challenges of your business.

The Semi-Conductor industry is all about solutions that are small, fast and accurate. So it’s vital that our cables meet your extreme demands in high technology applications. In addition to our extensive range of cables, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. So we’re also committed to supporting you with our bespoke engineered products too. So you’ll be able to choose from a range of insulating material including MgO and Si02. We also produce our cables in a wide range of sheath diameter and materials to meet your individual needs.

A further key use of our cables is in the Synchrotron and Lightsource industry. Using cutting-edge technology, our mineral insulated cables are essential in this demanding industry sector. In fact, our semi-rigid metal sheath cables are leaders in the market. We understand these challenges you face in finding solutions that meet extreme temperature ranges and extreme levels of accuracy. So you can be guaranteed that our highly trained engineers will develop our cables to meet your specific configurations successfully.

Certainly we’re very proud of the variety of cables that we offer here at Okazaki. You can be guaranteed that we’ll provide you with the particular style you need. Our specialist cables include multi-conductor transmission cables for power, control and instrumentation resistance cables, RF coaxial cables plus thermocouple cables. If you’ve got a requirement for cabling within your organisation, whether it’s one of our off-the-shelf products, or a bespoke design, we’re happy to help.




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