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At Okazaki, our clients across all the industries that we deal with expect our products to deliver outstanding reliability and performance, none more so than our clients within the Synchrotron and Lightsource arena. Our expertise and knowledge along with our work to constantly bring the latest technical advances to market ensure our clients can trust that our products will provide the performance and reliability that they have come to expect from us.

Our products are expected to operate in the harshest of environments and so need to be of the highest quality. To enable this our entire range of mineral insulated (MI) cables are manufactured bespoke to meet the needs of a variety of experimental processes. Our MI cables are able to be used in signal transmission in the harshest environments and are able to handle the effects caused by radiation, heat and UHV. These MI cables are produced with semi-rigid properties so can be manufactured on site at our facilities to meet your designs.

Our MI cables are metal sheathed and can operate over a wide temperature range from 1.5k through to 2600°C. They can also be produced with a variety of configurations with variables such as conductor, sheath and dielectric material, a variety of diameters and choice of coaxial, triaxial and/or twisted core. Our team of engineers will be able to provide you with the appropriate configuration required for your needs ensuring we can eliminate any issues that could affect the performance you require. And because our cables are excellent at resisting radiation and temperature, they are perfect for applications such as thermocouples, control cables and low and high voltage cables.

When advanced temperature measurement is required within a complex application we can also provide a range of Thermocouples and RTD sensors. We incorporate sensor technology into our MI cables meaning we can use our unrivalled designs to offer stable and highly accurate results.

In environments such as Cryogenic temperature measurement where a low temperature range and fast response is crucial, our multipoint temperature assemblies provide all of the accuracy necessary to deliver results.  And if it’s vacuum use that’s required, our metal sheathed sensors will benefit from the flexibility of brazed or welded sealing into flanges and process connections.

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