Vacuum technology is used in many high-tech markets and is the key to innovation in the manufacture of Solar Cells and Modules, Displays and Touch Panels, Lithium-ion Batteries and OLED’s to name a few.

When using Vacuum technology within a manufacturing process it is crucial that your components are accurate, stable and reliable. This is where our own innovation comes into play.

At Okazaki we have been using the latest technology to develop our solutions for over 60 years. The result being that our Mineral Insulated Cables, Plate Heaters, Temperature Sensors, Semi-Conductors and other products can operate in extreme environments and with unrivalled accuracy, stability and reliability.

Our products can be used in a range of processes within the Vacuum industry including:

  • Sputtering
  • Ian Plating
  • CVD
  • ALD
  • Ion implant
  • Trace Heating & Bake out

Our engineers at Okazaki understand that one size does not fit all which is why, along with our cutting-edge technology they can develop the correct component configuration and design to fit each specific application.

We prefer to speak to our clients to tailor a solution that best suits their needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Application Examples

Electric Heaters

AEROHEAT is a long-life mineral insulated metal sheathed heater, developed and based on our superior manufacturing technology of MI cables.

AEROHEAT is especially suitable for all forms of deposition equipment such as:

  • Sputtering
  • Ion Plating
  • CVD
  • ALD
Plate Heaters

Okazaki’s high temperature plate heater provides superior performance and uniform surface temperature for semi-conductor manufacturers.

Fully manufactured and assembled in our facilities integrating our mineral insulated heaters and thermocouples enables us to control product quality. Each unit is supplied fully tested to ensure surface uniformity within 1% and can be operated to temperatures up to 1000°C.


Okazaki’s MICROPAK mineral insulated heaters are ultra-small diameter heaters which offer greater flexibility in the application’s installation. With a small bend radius as a ratio to the outside diameter of the heater, these units can be coiled and freely formed into complex and desired shapes, offering flexibility when space is

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Ion Implant
  • Trace Heating & Bake out
  • Patterning
  • Ion Source – Vaporiser
  • Removing – Doping
  • Valve Heater

Cables can be configured to suit each specific application using a variation of diameters and sheath, conductor and dielectric material. Dielectric can be MgO, SiO2 or a combination of both.

Temperature Senors

Our Ceracoil sensor technology incorporated into our MI cables offers unrivalled sensor designs to meet the most complex applications offering stable and high accuracy. Mineral insulated metal-sheathed sensors are suitable for vacuum use with the flexibility of brazed or welded sealing into flanges and process connections.

Ceracoil Platinum Cobalt offers high accuracy temperature measurement to 1.5K with an accuracy of 0.5K and is not affected by outside conditions such as magnetic fields.

Multipoint assemblies can be manufactured and fitted with both RTD sensors for cryogenic process and operating conditions and then thermocouples for monitoring higher temperatures.