Solving Your Challenges

When it comes to vacuum applications, at Okazaki we know that you face major challenges within this increasingly demanding environment.  So much so that’s we’ve always made it our priority to specialise in delivering products that are tailored to meet the needs of your own requirements.  Recognising that one size doesn’t it all, we ‘re proud to work closely with our clients; understanding the issues they face and finding innovative solutions to meet their needs.  In fact, we’ve been proud to spend 60 years investing significant research and development into the latest technological advances in order to solve our clients’ many challenges.

Across the globe, our range of mineral insulated cables, plate heaters and temperature sensors have been developed and installed – meeting some of the toughest demands.  We know that you frequently need to operate your applications in particularly extreme environments.  And we’re fully aware of the need for all of your solutions to ensure that they achieve the highest level of accuracy.  Time is money – regardless of the business sector, and any downtime can seriously affect productivity, so we understand the importance of creating solutions that are entirely reliable.

In the case of electric heaters, our Aeroheat heaters are particularly beneficial solutions for all different forms of deposition equipment.  This includes ion plating, CVD, ALD and sputtering.  Based on the superior manufacturing technology of mineral insulated cable, they’re especially useful for integration into sealing flanges or pots; maintaining full sealing even in the highest of temperatures. As they’re manufactured from a single diameter cable, they have no external joins that eliminate mechanical failure points.  They’re frequently the heater of choice thanks to their integrated unheated cold section which means that there’s no need for additional and costly infrastructure.  Consequently, our Aeroheat assembly has the potential to greatly reduce overall plant running costs while at the same time as helping you to meet your environment operating targets.

If you are looking to achieve precise temperature control, then our range of heaters certainly go above and beyond.  Even the largest of today’s future glass substrates including those of Generation 10 and above, can be controlled through the successful installation of our multiple panel heaters.  Equally it’s also possible to create a circuit partition in order to compensate for the local temperature decrease which can be caused by the carriers.

Another way that we look to solve your challenges is in the development of our cable configurations.  With multiples of different requirements for all of our clients, we’re proud to be able to configure cables to meet the individual needs of your specific application.  So whether you have a requirement for a particular diameter or sheath, we can certainly provide a solution that meets your needs.  Our dielectric cables can be delivered in either MgO, SiO2 or even a combination of both.  This also goes for our coaxial and triaxial cables; supplied with a variety of sheaths and connectors of your choice.

If you’re looking to find a world-leading supplier of temperature sensors and equivalent cables, sensors and signal transmission cables, you can be guaranteed the highest commitment to accuracy, safety and reliability thanks to Okazaki.

Solving Challenges