This is not an exhaustive list of the products that we supply, but a few examples that we feel demonstrate the innovation and cutting-edge technology we use to design a bespoke solution that will best suit your needs.

We prefer to speak to our clients to tailor a solution that best suits their needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Thermocouple Assemblies

Fan Type Tube Skin Thermocouple

The Fan Type thermocouple delivers superb accuracy and performance whilst ensuring World-class safety assurance. The optimum size for attachment to pipes, the Fan Type is the thermocouple of choice for organisations across the globe. Benefiting from its unique design, it also delivers a reduction of process variability and over four years’ working life potential.

Simple to install, there’s no need for costly installation engineers. We’ve introduced a simple installation guide which means that you can benefit from our stress-free solution, quickly and effectively. If you’d prefer us to install your thermocouple, we’ll be happy to do so and provide any support that you need.

Benefiting from a unique fan head design, this means that the Fan Type welds better to the tube plus its expansion coil enables any tube movement throughout the process. And installing the Fan Type means that you can avoid shutdowns and maximise the life of the tube.


Since its design in 1964, the patented AerOpad has often been closely replicated. When it comes to choosing a tube skin thermocouple, you want the reassurance of trouble-free measurement. This is why the AerOpad solution is cleverly designed to be welded directly to either the process or boiler tubes; enabling you to retain complete control of any flow or fuel. With accuracy of better than ± 2°C accuracy, you can be guaranteed meticulous levels of accuracy. Designed to withstand rough and ruggedised conditions, it operates within a range of -240 to 1100°C.

Benefiting from reduced start-up time, increased tube reliability and a lower maintenance cost, the AerOpad has no need for costly installation engineers. You’ll also benefit from longer tube life and minimising fuel waste.

AerOpad thermocouples are ideal for mounting in varying installation applications. Supplied with a Type 310 stainless steel sheath, this is secured on the compacted magnesium oxide insulation in addition to Chromel-Alumel wires. Superior resistance to the most rugged environment can also be gained by selecting a Hastelloy X alloy sheath.

Multipoint Temperature Assemblies

Our multipoint temperature assemblies are used for all types of process applications including crude oil storage tanks, hydrocarbon cracking units, chemical reactors and desulphurisation catalyst bed reactors.

Thermocouple for Gas Turbines

Our complex thermocouple multi-bundles are used for the measurement of outlet gas temperature in helicopter rotor turbo shaft engines as well as gas turbine engines measuring temperatures between – 50℃ to + 2,200°C.

High Pressure Thermocouples

Our high pressure thermocouples are used for production of LDPE.

Temp Assembly for Hazardous Atmosphere

Temperature Assemblies for use in potentially hazardous atmosphere

Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s)

Platinum Resistance Thermometers

OMC’s Range of Platinum Resistance Thermometers are approved by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), as Qualified Parts for Aerospace Development.

OMC’s sensors are designed and manufactured to operate over the extreme temperature range of -260℃ to +930℃. These sensors offer excellent performance across this wide temperature range giving High Accuracy with fast Thermal Response, with no effect from High Vibration, Mechanical shock and adverse radiation levels.

These qualities have been proven by Okazaki’s sensors passing over 30 test conditions set by JAXA which are required before items are used in a live launch condition.

Okazaki sensors are also used on various aircraft and again have met the stringent criteria and conditions set by the Japanese Ministry of Defence. Okazaki’s sensors again offer outstanding performance with High accuracy and no effect from the adverse vibration conditions.

RTD Sensors

RTD Sensors for all aspects of Temperature measurement from Air Intake sensors to outside air temperature measurements.


Vortexwell Thermowell

After extensive R&D and independent evaluation, we have developed a unique design of thermowell, the VortexWell®, which doesn’t require a velocity collar and is cost-effective for the end user in terms of purchase, installation and maintenance costs.

VortexWell® incorporates an innovative helical strake design, very similar to the helical strakes seen on columns and cooling towers. By using the latest CFD software to visualise the flow behaviour, we were able to accurately compare a standard tapered thermowell and its new VortexWell®. In the tests, the standard tapered thermowell showed classic shedding behaviour as expected, whereas the VortexWell® demonstrated no signs of regular flow behaviour. The VortexWell® helical strake design disturbed the flow sufficiently to interrupt the regular formation of vortices. Whilst a small vortex was observed in the wake of the VortexWell® this was a localised stagnation point and didn’t shed.

RTD Sensors

Standard Thermowells.