Innovation is at the heart of our operation and crucial to our success. We lead where others follow.

Through continuous development in product design and investment into the latest, cutting-edge technologies, we will maintain our market-leading position and continue to provide our customers with the next generation of temperature sensors and heaters.

Some of the innovations which we are most proud of include:

AeroPak® Mineral Insulated (MI) Cable

We were among the first pioneering companies to manufacture mineral insulated cable to improve product performance and reliability. Over the decades, we’ve refined and improved that technology, as it remains the heart of our products to this day. We specialise in:

  • Thermocouple Cables
  • Resistance Cables
  • Insulation material available include both MgO and SiO2 (other isolation materials available upon request)
  • RF Coaxial Cables
  • Multi-conductor Transmission Cables for power, control and instrumentation
  • Bespoke designs to suit your application
  • Welded and hermetically sealed connections

Tube Skin Thermocouples

Our unique range of tube skin thermocouples for process heaters offer higher accuracy and reliability than competing thermocouples.

Due to its unique 8mm diameter sheath made from Hastelloy-X, the ‘Fan Tip’ tube skin thermocouple can be bent and coiled to enable movement in both the horizontal and vertical axes. The 38mm end tip can be easily welded to any type of process heater tube on both sides, which significantly reduces the chances of the thermocouple breaking off whilst in service and means the user gets a more accurate temperature measurement on the surface of the tube. Construction and tip profile accuracy is now between +4 and +6°c of the true tube temperature.

The VortexWell® Thermowell

After extensive R&D and independent evaluation, we have developed a unique design of thermowell, the VortexWell®, which doesn’t require a velocity collar and is cost effective for the end user in terms of purchase, installation and maintenance costs.

VortexWell® incorporates an innovative helical strake design, very similar to the helical strakes seen on columns and cooling towers. By using the latest CFD software to visualise the flow behaviour, we were able to accurately compare a standard tapered thermowell and its new VortexWell®. In the tests, the standard tapered thermowell showed classic shedding behaviour as expected, whereas the VortexWell® demonstrated no signs of regular flow behaviour. The VortexWell® helical strake design disturbed the flow sufficiently to interrupt the regular formation of vortices. Whilst a small vortex was observed in the wake of the VortexWell® this was a localised stagnation point and didn’t shed.

AerOpak Nano

A temperature sensor thinner than a human hair.

At 0.08mm we currently hold the Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest sheathed thermocouple.