Industries we supply


OMC produces components used in many different applications within the aerospace industry.


Over the past 50 years, OMC has developed an unrivalled breadth of temperature measurement and heater assemblies for the petrochemical as well as oil & gas industries.

Power Generation

OMC manufactures products for all types of power generation facilities, including thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants.

Synchrotron and Light Source

OMC, produces cutting-edge technology in the fields of Temperature Measurement, Electric Heaters and Metal Sheathed Mineral Insulated Cables for the Synchrotron and Light Source industry.


The photo-voltaic industry has advanced at a spectacular rate in recent years and OMC has remained at the forefront of these technological developments ensuring our products and processes are enhanced accordingly.


OMC’s range of products for the semi-conductor manufacturing process are small, fast and accurate.


OMC manufactures a range of high quality cabling and temperature sensors for the automotive industry.