A Trusted Supplier

We are proud of our heritage and history and have been a trusted supplier to customers throughout the world for over 50 years.


1954 Okazaki Trading Company Ltd established to import thermocouple and resistance wires.
1959 Thermocouple production started.


1960 Worked with ARi Industries in the US to produce Aeropak.
1963 Resiopak product launched.
1966 New factory opened at Akashi, company name changed to Okazaki Manufacturing Company.


1972 New factory opened at Usui.
1973 Okazaki Building opened in Kobe.
1977 New factory opened in Kobe.


1980 Acquired ARi Industries.
1987 Okazaki Manufacturing Company established in Taiwan.


1990 Official approval awarded by National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA).
1993 ISO9001 awarded.
1998 JCSS0079 awarded.
1999 ISO14001 awarded.


2002 New factory opened at Kobe-Nishi.
2004 UK office opened for European business.
2008 New factory opened at Kyushu.
2012 New MMF opened.

facility-originalOriginal Okazaki Factory (1966)

facility-akashiAkashi Factory (1969)

facility-headofficeOkazaki Building in Kobe (1973)

facility-ariARi Industries (1980)

facility-taiwanOMC (Taiwan) 1987

MmmfMMF (2012)