OMC’s extensive range of electric heating systems is constructed using the company’s own manufactured mineral insulated cables. This manufacturing process offers ease of installation, since the sheath can be supplied to a bend radius of 2.5 times the heater OD. This means the heater can be formed into any desired shape and is high pressure sealed for welding when required into process flanges.

As with OMC’s temperature assemblies, full product certification for use in hazardous area applications can be provided, Exde IIC T6 for Zone 1&2 terminated into suitable enclosures.

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AEROHEAT is a long-life mineral insulated metal sheathed heater, developed and based on our superior manufacturing technology of MI cables.

Manufactured from a single diameter cable with no external joins to eliminate mechanical failure points, the heater assemblies have an integrated unheated cold section so there is no requirement for additional and costly infrastructure such as water cooling pipe work and systems to maintain lower temperatures required by sealing flange O rings and other sealing port connections. This design of the AEROHEAT assembly can greatly reduce the overall plant running cost and help end users meet their environment operating targets.

The AEROHEAT heater and terminations can be integrated into sealing flanges or ports to maintain full sealing even in the highest vacuum atmospheres.

AEROHEAT is especially suitable for all forms of deposition equipment such as:

  • Sputtering
  • Ion Plating
  • CVD
  • ALD

By arranging a set of multiple panel heaters, precise temperature control can be achieved even with the largest of today’s and future glass substrates including Generation 10 and above. As well as surface temperature uniformity on substrates, a circuit partition is also possible in order to compensate the local temperature decrease caused by the carriers.

High Temp Plate Heaters

Okazaki’s high temperature plate heater provides superior performance and uniform surface temperature for semi-conductor manufacturers.

Fully manufactured and assembled in our facilities integrating our mineral insulated heaters and thermocouples enables us to control product quality. Each unit is supplied fully tested to ensure surface uniformity within 1% and can be operated to temperatures up to 1000°C.

Plate Heater Shapes and Sizes

Wide variety of shapes and sizes available, including round and square

Plate Heater Materials

Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Inconel Alloys and other materials available upon request.


Okazaki’s MICROPAK mineral insulated heaters are ultra-small diameter heaters which offer greater flexibility in the application’s installation. With a small bend radius as a ratio to the outside diameter of the heater, these units can be coiled and freely formed into complex and desired shapes, offering flexibility when space is paramount.

The MICROPAK range of heaters can be used in a varied range of applications and have recently been used in fuel cell, vacuum application and analytical instrumentation devices. With a variable choice of diameters, lengths, materials and terminations, an operating range of -200 to 500°C can be achieved.

Designs can be tailor-made to suit specific applications including conductor coil configuration in Model MP11 to provide different outputs at specific points of the heater.

MICROPAK has the same diameter hot and cold sections with no external join to help remove mechanical joint failure and is suitable for installation into Vacuum sealing flanges.

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • Ion Plating
  • Trace Heating & Bake Out
  • Patterning
  • Ion Source – Vaporiser
  • Removing – Doping
  • Valve Heater

Mineral Insulated Trace Heaters

OMC supplies MI heating cables that provide reliable and rugged heat tracing for demanding applications within the oil & gas process sector. The construction enables the heating of equipment to higher temperatures when required. Various sheath and conductor combinations are available to meet application-specific requirements.

Process Heaters

OMC’s range of process flanged heaters can be supplied with various process flanged connections and combinations of material to meet the specific requirements. Outputs range from several dozen W to many thousands of KW.

Process welding is carried out to ASME IX and full material certification is provided. If required, OMC can also provide the process chamber to suit the heater supplied.

Combustor Heaters

OMC designs and manufactures a range of combustors that comply with all the major international standards. Systems have been supplied to customers that comply with the Construction Code for Pressure Vessels, High Pressure Gas Safety Law, and the Construction Code for Boilers.