OMC’s dedicated production and testing facilities allow us to maintain our high standards and best practice in the manufacturing of temperature sensors and heaters.

Main Manufacturing Factory

Established in 2012, the 13,120 sq m Main Manufacturing Factory in Kobe is responsible for the design and manufacture of temperature sensors, including thermocouples, resistance thermometers and thermowells for use in general industry, nuclear energy, environment and electronics industries. It also has a JCSS thermometer calibration laboratory which offers products on a custom basis.

ARi Industries INC.

Set up in 1952, ARi Industries joined the OMC Group in 1980. Our US arm was one of the first companies to use mineral insulated technology to improve products’ performance and reliability. That same technology has been improved and refined over the years and is the heart of a wide variety of products that ARi manufactures today.

Fukuoka Factory

Established in 1972, the 6,506 sq m Fukuoka factory is a manufacturer and supplier of mass-production temperature sensors, compensating and other various types of lead wires, seat heaters and mat heaters for stock-breeding of animals

Kobe-Iwaoka Factory

Established in 1977, the 6,506 sq m Kobe-Iwaoka factory is one of Japan’s largest manufacturing plants of its kind. The site is OMC’s production base for electric heaters and MI cables for both instrumentation and power applications. The primary objective for the factory is continuing the development of new products and the improvement of product quality.

Kobe-Nishi Factory

Set up in 2002, the Kobe-Nishi factory is equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art production and inspection facilities, including clean rooms for the manufacture and assembly of highly advanced sensors and other products for the aerospace industry. The plant is also home to OMC’s maintenance division and development division.

Kyusyu Factory

Purpose-built for MI cable production in 2008, the Kyusyu factory boasts the world’s largest production scale for this particular product. With the most sophisticated equipment, this factory produces high-quality MI cables for our own domestic and international facilities, as well as overseas sensor makers.

OMC (Taiwan)

OMC (Taiwan) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermocouple and conductor MI cables. Built in 1987, the 5,106 sq m factory supplies finished products to OMC’s international group of companies and other customers around the globe.