Mineral Insulated Cables (MI)

We manufacture a comprehensive range of metal sheathed MI cables with an operating range from 1.5 K to 2200°C. These cables can be tailored for a multitude of applications within your experimental processes. Our cables can be used for your signal transmission in the most harsh environments. Off ering as standard minimal eff ect by radiation, heat and vacuum and can be supplied with a variant of terminations such as SMA and BNC or custom made. With its semi-rigid properties cables can be pre-formed at our facilities to your design.

We prefer to speak to our clients to tailor a solution that best suits their needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Cable Configurations

Cables can be configured to suit each specific application using a variation of diameters and sheath, conductor and dielectric material. Dielectric can be MgO, SiO2 or a combination of both.

Coaxial Cables

Coax Cables can be supplied with a single conductor with a metal sheath and secondary copper sheath. These cables can be terminated with hermetically sealed connectors of your choice.

Triaxial Cables

Triax cables are coaxial cables with a supplementary sheath by which the cable is insulated from ground. Hermetically sealed termination is also available.

Twisted Pair Coaxial and Triaxial Cables

To eliminate issues caused by magnetic fi elds, we have developed a range of twisted pair cables. These can be supplied as coax or triax confi guration with 2 or 4 core conductors.

SiO2 Coaxial MI Cable Assemblies

Okazaki MI cables (mineral insulated cables) are coaxial cables which have excellent radiation and temperature-resistance.

Teminal ends are assembled with SMA(P) connectors consisting of Alumina Ceramics as an insulation material.


Great high frequency property with less deterioration rate under radiation environment.

Heat proof

Useable under high temperature environment (Max 300°C).

Non-magnetic MI cable & non-magnetic connector

Assembly by a combination of non-magnetic MI cable and connector consisting of non-magnetic components including overlay.

Easy Handling

Easy installation/handling with the help of flat high frequency property before and after bending work.


19g/m lightweight MI cable is assembled into connector.

Signal MI Cable Assemblies

General Description

Okazaki MI cables (mineral insulated cables) are cables that have excellent radiation and temperature resistance. Teminal ends are assembled with connectors consisting of Alumina Ceramics as an insulation material.


Thermocouple, control cable, instrument cable, low voltage cable, high voltage cable, etc.