OMC produces components used in many different applications within the aerospace industry.

We appreciate that temperature sensors manufactured for the aerospace industry require reliable and precise temperature measurement.

Our temperature sensors can be found on:

  • Aircraft & helicopters
  • Domestic rockets & satellites
  • Gas turbine engines

We provide sensors and heaters that meet highly detailed specifications and are strong enough to withstand severe environments.

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Aerospace Brochure

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Industry Examples

Mars Rover

Trace heating on the SAMS system on the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Space Rocket Fuel Tanks

OMC’s Range of Platinum Resistance Thermometers are approved by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), as Qualified Parts for Aerospace Development.

OMC’s sensors are designed and manufactured to operate over the extreme temperature range of -260℃ to +930℃. These sensors offer excellent performance across this wide temperature range giving High Accuracy with fast Thermal Response, with no effect from High Vibration, Mechanical shock and adverse radiation levels.

These qualities have been proven by Okazaki’s sensors passing over 30 test conditions set by JAXA which required before items are used in a live launch condition.

Okazaki sensors are also used on various aircraft and again have met the stringent criteria and conditions set by the Japanese Ministry of Defence. Okazaki’s sensors again offer outstanding performance with High accuracy and no effect from the adverse vibration conditions.

Gas Turbine Engines/Helicopter Turbo Shaft Engines

Our complex thermocouple multi-bundles are used for the measurement of outlet gas temperature in helicopter rotor turbo shaft engines as well as gas turbine engines measuring temperatures between – 50℃ to + 2,200°C.

Turbine Blade Path

Our MI cable (Hoskins-2300®) is capable of operating at temperatures of up to 1260°c. Using it to measure turbine blade path temperature in a jet engine allows the engine to run hotter and quieter, thereby improving environmental performance and noise pollution.

Twisted Core Cable

All our Mineral insulated cables can be supplied with twisted pair conductors if required to remove electric background noise.

Cryogenic Temp Sensor
Conductor Cable A
T35 Molded Thermocouple
Hoskins 2300