Okazaki Springs Into Action for Temperature Measurement with Ceracoil

When it comes to our sensors, heaters and cables, we know that our clients think that they’re out of this world. In fact, they’re used in so many different applications, even used for heating the sampling tubes on the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover. We’ve always been fully aware that our clients need an exceptional level of reliability and accuracy to meet the many complex applications that they’re used for. For over 60 years we’ve been dedicated to making the most of leading-edge technologies to develop products that help you to measure and control temperature measurement.

For our mineral insulated cables in particular, we’re particularly proud of our Ceracoil sensor technology. All of our cables benefit from excellent radiation and temperature resistance. Assembled with connectors that consist of Alumina Ceramics for insulation, the terminal ends have been designed to be incredibly effective in all situations. Certainly, we’re aware that our mineral insulated cable is used in many different applications including control cable, instrument cable, high voltage cable and thermocouples in addition to many others.

In vacuum operations, our mineral insulated sheathed sensors benefit from the flexibility of brazed or welded sealing into flanges and process connections. A further benefit of Ceracoil Platinum Cobalt is that it offers much higher temperature accuracy up to 1.5K, with an accuracy of 0.5K. Additionally, it also has the capability not to be affected by external conditions such as magnetic fields.

Our mineral insulated cable is particularly ideal for high vacuum applications. It has no outgassing effect and has the additional flexibility to be used in welded joint sealing in any combination of process conditions. When it comes to multipoint assemblies, these can be manufactured and fitted with RTD sensors for cryogenic process and operating conditions plus thermocouples – making them an ideal choice for monitoring temperatures.