About Us

Okazaki Building

Okazaki is the world’s leading manufacturer of mineral insulated cables, with expertise in the use of these cables in the production of temperature sensors, electric heaters and signal transmission cables.

The company supplies products and services used in applications as diverse as nuclear power plants and turbine manufacture, through to brain surgery. Our products are used by both NASA on the Mars Curiosity Rover and also JAXA transportation rockets.

Okazaki currently has factories in Japan, USA and Taiwan, with over 600 employees worldwide. Sales Support Offices are positioned also in the UK to support our European clients.


Okazaki Manufacturing Company was established in 1954 by Mr K Okazaki in Kobe Japan, we are proud of our heritage and history and over the past 60 years our family run company has maintained its personal contact approach to work closely with customers to form long-term supply partnerships.

Throughout our history we have made a significant commitment to research and development with typically around 10% of annual sales invested in research and development, and engineering. This has enabled our company to always offer innovation and the latest technologies in product design and manufacturing processes.


At Okazaki, our focus is working in partnership with our clients to solve their problems as we fully understand one size does not fit all. Through the use of our fully trained engineers and cutting-edge technologies we develop the correct product configuration and design to fit each specific application.