Solving Temperature Measurement Problems in Process Fired Heaters

When it comes to industrial processes, heating systems are certainly some of the most challenging areas faced.  If you’re in one of the many different industry sectors affected, whether that’s finishing, manufacturing, production, storage or transportation, you’ll recognise the production, not forgetting the financial, impact that a non-fully functioning system can cause.


Accuracy is everything

If you have process fired heaters, you’ll know the importance for accuracy.  Which is why you’ll need to find a solution that’s truly accurate in order to keep the furnace in operation.  Ensuring your throughput is increased and limiting process variability too.  So, what’s the best solution for maximum accuracy and how will it benefit you?

When considering process fired heaters specifically, you’ll require an efficient and reliable system that enables you to control the heating system.  Not only is it vital that you have higher thermal efficiencies, but you’ll need to ensure that you have lower operating and capital costs in the first place.  You’ll also need the reassurance that the solutions you choose adhere to all the international approvals when it comes to the enclosure rating, explosion proof rating, and safety in general.


One size doesn’t fit all

With increasing costs both on running and capital being a considerable factor, you’ll need to find solutions that meet the requirements for your facilities.  Finding a custom-designed solution is also essential as one size certainly doesn’t fit all.  You’ll want to find a temperature measurement product that matches the needs for a variety of heating equipment, whether that’s gas-fired, heavy fuel or light fuel oil burning heaters.


Which temperature sensor to use?

You’ve got a choice when it comes to choosing temperature sensors.  This will depend on your application and industry, however you’ll need to make sure that the solution you choose will work best with your heaters.


Why the thermocouple?

Offering more advantages than common sensors, the thermocouple can be produced cheaply and can cater for a wide range of temperatures.  Which is essential for any forward-thinking organisation.  Operating in an extreme range of temperatures, organisations are able to be kept aware of any potential issues before they arise.  Not only that, but the thermocouple’s benefits also include their shock resistance capability and mechanical strength.  Made from two wires of different alloys, these are welded together to produce a voltage which changes according to the temperature.  Depending on the alloys, you’ll have different results.


Introducing the Fan Type thermocouple

Designed to give long service, the Okazaki Fan Type thermocouple in particular delivers repeatable measurement right throughout its lifecycle.  Crafted in-house, we’re able to design our cables to the highest quality standards and bespoke to meet your needs.  Being stress-free to install, the Fan Type is supplied with full installation details; which rules out the need for costly service or installation engineers.  However, if you do need onsite installation, this can be easily supplied.

When the heater is up and running, the tubes in the furnace will have the ability to move and expand between 50 and 350 metres.  So, you’ll need a solution that is reliable and can be adapted easily.  The tube skin does both – bent and coiled; forming expansion axes.  This means that you’re able to benefit from compensatory movement in both the horizontal and vertical axes.


Choosing Okazaki

At Okazaki, we understand the importance of getting temperature measurement right.  With over 60 years’ experience in helping organisations around the globe to keep production running effectively, we’re continually developing our technical understanding using cutting-edge technologies; providing solutions that deliver an accurate, reliable and repeatable solution for tube skin temperature measurement.

We’d be delighted to talk you about your individual requirements for your process fired heaters and temperature measurement.  Discover how we help you to work better in extreme temperature environments, get in touch today here.