Over the past 50 years, OMC has developed an unrivalled breadth of temperature measurement and heater assemblies for the petrochemical as well as oil & gas industries.

Whether it’s an onshore petrochemical plant or offshore gas platform, our products ensure the safe and efficient operation of these production units at all times.

Our products are fully licensed for use in potentially hazardous and flammable atmospheres and can operate within zones 0, 1 & 2 certified to global and country-specific standards including European ATEX, USA NEC, Canadian CSA, Global IECEx, GOST K, GOST R, NEPSI, KOSHA and JIS.

We prefer to speak to our clients to tailor a solution that best suits their needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Industry Examples

Fired Heater TMT Measurement

The Fan Type thermocouple delivers superb accuracy and performance whilst ensuring World-class safety assurance. The optimum size for attachment to pipes, the Fan Type is the thermocouple of choice for organisations across the globe. Benefiting from its unique design, it also delivers a reduction of process variability and over four years’ working life potential.

Simple to install, there’s no need for costly installation engineers. We’ve introduced a simple installation guide which means that you can benefit from our stress-free solution, quickly and effectively. If you’d prefer us to install your thermocouple, we’ll be happy to do so and provide any support that you need.

Benefiting from a unique fan head design, this means that the Fan Type welds better to the tube plus its expansion coil enables any tube movement throughout the process. And installing the Fan Type means that you can avoid shutdowns and maximise the life of the tube.

High Flowrate Applications

After extensive R&D and independent evaluation, we have developed a unique design of thermowell, the VortexWell®, which doesn’t require a velocity collar and is cost-effective for the end user in terms of purchase, installation and maintenance costs.

VortexWell® incorporates an innovative helical strake design, very similar to the helical strakes seen on columns and cooling towers. By using the latest CFD software to visualise the flow behaviour, we were able to accurately compare a standard tapered thermowell and its new VortexWell®. In the tests, the standard tapered thermowell showed classic shedding behaviour as expected, whereas the VortexWell® demonstrated no signs of regular flow behaviour. The VortexWell® helical strake design disturbed the flow sufficiently to interrupt the regular formation of vortices. Whilst a small vortex was observed in the wake of the VortexWell® this was a localised stagnation point and didn’t shed.

Multipoint Temperature Assemblies

Our multipoint temperature assemblies are used for all types of process applications including crude oil storage tanks, hydrocarbon cracking units, chemical reactors and desulphurisation catalyst bed reactors.

Sheath Heater

Our type SH13 sheath heater is suitable for heating liquid inside a tank and liquid of a shell and tube type heat exchanger.

High Pressure Thermocouples

Our high pressure thermocouples are used for production of LDPE.